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Crate Hire


For every removal, we provide FREE use of unlimited crates for a period of two weeks.

Our crates are extra-strong and keep your belongings safe during your move.

Having your crates for a two-week period means that you can pack/unpack at your own pace, helping to reduce the stress of moving home.

How Many Crates Are Included?


You can borrow as many crates as you need.

When we come to your home to provide your quote, we’ll look at how much there is to move and we’ll deliver the number of crates we think you’ll need.

But if you need more, just give us a call and we’ll send some more around.

Below is a general guide to how many crates you’ll need.

1 Bedroom Home

20 extra-strong crates

2 Bedroom Home

30-40 extra-strong crates

3 Bedroom Home

40-50 extra-strong crates

4 Bedroom Home

50-80 extra-strong crates

Wardrobe Boxes


Avoid creased clothing during your move.

We’ll bring your wardrobe boxes on the day of your move and simple transfer your clothes from your wardrobes to the boxes.

When we arrive at your new home, we simply move your clothes straight into your new wardrobes.

All wardrobe boxes must be returned on the day of the move.

No folding, no creasing, no fuss!


How Many Wardrobe Boxes Are Included?


You can borrow as many wardrobe boxes as you need.

Each wardrobe box holds the same amount of clothing as a single wardrobe.

When we visit your home to provide your quote, we’ll make a note of how many wardrobes you have and make sure that we provide you with enough wardrobe boxes for all your hanging clothes.